About Herff Jones

If you've ever signed a yearbook, worn a cap and gown, or put on a class ring, you may already know Herff Jones.

Herff Jones works closely with teachers, advisors, coaches, administrators, parents and students to create a climate of achievement through graduation products, class rings and jewelry, yearbooks, cheerleading and motivation and recognition tools. We provide guidance, support and high quality products to elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities, church organizations, professional and collegiate sports teams, and corporations.

Founded nearly 100 years ago in Indianapolis, Indiana, we're an employee-owned organization focused on building long-term customer relationships and strong community involvement through a nationwide network of trusted, expert sales representatives. Which is a fancy way of saying that we give educators a big Shout Out each and every day.

Learn more by visiting our company website at herffjones.com.

About Varsity Brands

With a mission to inspire achievement and create memorable experiences for young people, Varsity Brands elevates the student experience, promotes participation and celebrates achievement through three unique businesses: Herff Jones, a Varsity Achievement Brand; BSN Sports, a Varsity Sport Brand; and Varsity Spirit. Together, these assets promote personal, school, and community pride through their customizable products and programs to elementary and middle schools, high schools, and colleges and universities, as well as church organizations, professional and collegiate sports teams, and corporations. With over 4,600 dedicated employees and independent representatives, Varsity Brands reaches its individual and institutional customers each year via catalog, telesales, e-commerce sites, and direct sales channels. For more information about Varsity Brands, please visit www.varsitybrands.com.